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Help needed with Dell Optiplex 745 DSDT 10.8ML


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Hi all,


Can someone point me in the right direction for me to make a DSDT please. I have all the info needed (i think).


I have installed 10.8 (ML) with MyHack 3.1, I had to add IOATAFamily.kext to allow access to the internal HDD. I have modified the boot to GraphicsEnabler=no, else the system gets stuck with the graphics. (ATI card non-POSTed error)


I will attach to file, all my system info and the ioreg.txt



no audio

no sound

no graphics (only 1024x768 res)


I will get my hands on a Nvidia 210 today... this should work better.

*I now have a HD 5450, should be with my by Friday*


thanks for your time,



AKA Ross



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Hi all,


Have I not added something to my above post that I should have? I can see a few people have read it but no one has replied. If I need to do something before someone will help let me know,





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Well simply put, I saw your post, saw that you were going to change the graphics, saw that you have not yet posted a dsdt and I decided to wait to hear back from you once you had adjusted your hardware.


We will need you to get a nice clean dsdt.dsl for us to look at, and we'd need to know what you want to fix in it, if anything?


I know of no dsdt patch that is going to help a system like yours off hand - your HD Audio device is AD1983HD sound chip according to the pci ids database - I know of nothing that will make that work natively, though VoodooHDA.kext might get it somewhat functional and is worth a shot, you might just be better off getting a usb audio device that works oob. You have no AHCI, and you haven't really told us what you'd like to patch in your dsdt or what you've done so far?


So without these details, I don't think any of us are really sure exactly how to help you just yet...

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Thanks for the reply,


Ok thats not a problem, I will have that graphics card this weekend I hope. Its a HD 5450 512MB I have read this should work well, what do you think?


As for the sound, I do have a USB sound card, I will use that. I know it works OOB.


What about the network :

Broadcom NetXtreme 57XX Gigabit




Do you think I can get this working in 10.8?


Can you point me in the right direction to read about making a DSDT file, what app's to use etc… I never made one for any other hackintosh systems before, so this part is all new to me.





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Hi, Ross!


Well, to start you need to follow this tutorial ( viewtopic.php?f=7&t=13 ) in order to get information about your hardware.

To do so, you can get Linux Ubuntu 10.04 (as recquired in the tutorial) from here http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases ... so.torrent (torrent file) or from here http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases ... p-i386.iso (direct link).


Cheers! ;-)

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Hi All,


I have got all the new hardware (HD 5450 Graphics and USB sound card) and here is the dumps from linux. I have two set of hardware,


1) Dell opt 745 DFF

2) Asus P5kPL_AM


I'm not sure which one is best for OSX please advise.


As you will see from the dumps, I have a pci RTL8169SC 10/100/1000 network card, in case this will work better then the onboard network.


The graphics HD5450, seem not to be working 100%, I think it's not autoloading the correct framebuffer? It's reported as a 5000 serials and not it's correct name. This is why the DVD software is crashing (i think).


The graphics is working better when I have GraphicsEnabler=yes I had this turned off when using the other card. It's reporting the card as a 5430 ( I think linux did as well??? ) Dvd player know works fine.



I'm not sure what one is the best to use. Let me know what you think. Let me know if I need to do anything else...


Thanks for your time,





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Just a quick update, I have installed next for :


network (working, more tests needed)

Audio (working, will need to test more)

Graphics works with GraphicsEanbler=yes … but it reports it as a 5430 not 5450.


I will report back after more tests, i'm hoping the DSDT will help with sleep and shutdown.


I will do a fresh install, because I have been messing with kext. Then I will report back on the graphics, sound, audio, boot speed… And if the system will sleep and shutdown without problems without a DSDT





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