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Free Newsserver?


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off topic as it can be. :)


My ISP just ceased their NNTP service, which they were providing flawlessly for many years. Apparently Newsgroups are not an vogue anymore: no Flash, no Twitter, no "I like" button, no place for adds. Hence, no interest to offer it in the future.


Does anyone of you out there knows a free and reliable NNTP server with reading and posting capabilities?


Many thanks!

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Yep.. go here... http://tinyurl.com/3c5632t ;)

Oh you smarta**! :)

I did my search. The point is, I found way to many links. Some of those are useless, some not working anymore, some are now offering their services for money. Also, I haven't found any which really offers a decent access speed or all the groups I need.

It is a major pain in the ass to add a server in my Thunderbolt (takes a bit time) just to find out it doesn't work. And I did this like 20 times now.


Hence, I though someone might have a hint for me, out of his own good experience.

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