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My D830 Nvidia Report


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Here is what I did to install OSX 10.6.7 and what works and what doesn't:


I first installed the patched D830 Nvidia bios here.

Then followed Niranjan's post here to get SL installed to 10.6.7.

But after installing the EDP 1.8 with the D830 Nvidia kext build barely anything worked.


No Sound

No trackpad

No Network (Wired)

No Sleep

No Battery

No Shutdown

No USB through D-Dock

Video: Working 1680x1050 with mirroring or extended

Wireless: Working

Coolbook: Cannot detect Frequencies/Voltages



So after digging through some more threads I found that I needed to use the D630 Kext build instead. So now I have using Apple Native Power and Battery the following:


Sound: Working

Trackpad: Working (Any driver)

Sleep: Working No password required

Battery: Working

D-Dock USB: Working

D-Dock VGA: Working

D-Dock DVI: No

Wireless: Working

Video: Working1680x1050 with mirroring or extended

Network (wired): No

Shutdown: No must power off manually

Coolbook: Cannot detect Frequencies/Voltages


At this point it is pretty functional for me, except that I cannot close the lid when its docked otherwise it will sleep and its hot. The fans run high constantly. But would love to get these last 3 things working.


Are there any kexts that I should try for the NIC? I think it worked fine before the 10.6.7 update but I could be mistaken.


I had no luck trying to implement the DSDT patch to get the VGA out working through the D-Dock that I found here, either because I have no clue how to modify the DSDT or its not possible since the instructions are for a D620 DSDT. I just get an error trying to compile it saying there is no MIS2 or something like that. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction on how to correctly edit a DSDT


As far as coolbook goes, I have it installed on my D430 and it works great. Would love to use it on this thing especially since the Nvidia's are known to run hot and die. Any clue on how to get this working?


Count me in on testing for anything new. I have available the D830, D630 x3100, D620 GMA, and the D430, as well as newer 4300 series if you guys work with that too.

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I haven't been able to get coolbook running on my d420 but it worked once before.


Magnus from coolbook asked me this.


The driver is probably not loaded.

What is the output from this terminal command?


sysctl -a | grep coolbook


Mine didn't report back with anything.


Then he asked.


What is the model description of your computer?

It should be something like MacBook1,1. You can find it in the apple menu -> "about this mac"->"more information".


My system doesn't have a model description. I think thats why coolbook cant install


Mine didn't even show a description.





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