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D820 some issues after wake up...


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Hi all,


I have a problem with my SleepEnabler or something else... I can go to sleep with menu and closing notebook, its perfect. Then I wake up pressing any key or button, system bios asks me master pwd and then I go to my OSX very well, but I lost:


  2. USB mouse input: I can solve it if I have plugged before a USB pendrive, or If I plug again my USB mouse on another slot
  3. Integred MIC AUDIO input: I can solve it plugin somehting on headphone connector
  4. Bluetooth isn't now available -> I do not have solution for this, I need to restart
  5. 7 Key repetitive loop -> neither of ApplePS2Controller works for me.


Do you have any ideas what happens? Any idea would be very appreciated! Thank you a lot in advance.



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check your power management features in bios for usb see if that helps, and are you using edp 1.8 (get it from the forum and the patch)? you can use lizard app to try auto detect Pciroot not sure if it should be 1 instead of 0 for that model. you can also tru diffrent usb fixes with that app just dont forget to save changes after your finished making them.

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