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Dual boot - Where'd my Windows go?


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I just installed Win7 on my D430, as per the dual boot instructions on this site.

I resized the partition to have about 15GB for Win7, and did all the rest as per instructions.

I booted from Win7 DVD and everything seemed to go okay, Windows went thru its install and finished, no error messages or anything weird.


But there's no trace of Windows on my system. The resized volume is correct, with my disk size - 15GB for Snow Leopard.

If I run Terminal and diskutil list, I don't have a partition with Windows. Just the Apple_HFS partition 90GB (120GB internal with 15GB allocated to Windows).


What do I need to install to make the Windows partition show up and also let me boot from it. I am trying to get a startup screen that gives me the option to boot into Windows or to Mac.


Probably something stupid I overlooked, so any help greatly appreciated.

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