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Broadcom 1490 Wifi


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I am in desperate need of help.


I am using the Leppy way of installing as found at http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=178411.


It works great and I like it because it is easy to do. But I am finding out that the Leppy way of doing it and OSXLatitudes way of doing it are incompatible to the beginner.


Whenever I install Leppy's way and try to run kexts EDP 1.8 I get major problems to the point of having to reinstall. Is that normal. Should I not do that or am I doing something completely wrong. Like for right now, I had a very nice install of Leppy's and then I did the kext install of various fixes and I get the "You need to restart your computer. Hold down....." error.


Please any help is greatly appreciated. Please point me in the right direction.


Also I just installed the Broadcom 1490 Wifi card and it wasnt being recognized. That is why I went ahead with the EDP 1.8 stuff. Should it have been recognized the next time I start the computer or should I have to install a kext first for it.


Thanks for any help provided.



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well EDP 1.8 is based off of 10.6.7 kext's so you will have issues if your at anything below that you can try an earlier version of EDP or use combo update to go to 10.6.7 then use the edp 1.8.

as far as the wifi goes make sure it's activated in bios and check your wifi switch and it's settings

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Thanks for the reply Bronxteck.


I completely reinstalled last night and I used the System Update to update, so I think I am current. I will check later tonight though to make sure.


Now what I should do is download EDP 1.8, which again I will do later tonight. As far as the Broadcom, it is activated in Bios as enabled under Wireless. I know this is a stupid question as this symbol is on everything, but the wireless switch. I can never remember if I or O is on:) I believe it is "I". And I am not too familiar with the switch but it goes to "I" but then I can push it further over and it springs back to "I". Its got a ">>" symbol and an antenna on it. Also it looks like there may be a little LED above the antenna too, but Im not sure because it doesnt light. Its a little black dot as far as I can tell.


Can someone please inform how I should turn the Wifi on, or is there some kind of indicator that lets me know it is on.


Thanks for any help. Again I have the D620.

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