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D630 refuses to install or boot


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Machine: D630 (Intel) 1280*800 / A17 Bios rev.

OS: Snow Leo or Lion


Problem: Cannot get past a kernel panic


Bios settings have been set properly.


KP happens before windowmanager starts.


I have resorted to installing Lion on the drive with a real mac, running EDP on it and putting the drive back in my Dell. Same problem.


I have tried disabling everything in the bios that is not required for it to boot including removing the wifi card etc.


The KP is a type 14 / unresolved kernel trap fault, It usually mentions a kext. Removing it and running myfix results in a different kext being mentioned.


I have attached a photo of the KP screen.


If anyone can shed some light on this, it would be amazing.


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Herve, I have an Atheros card pulled from a 2007 MacBook. I had even removed the card and the kernel panic still happened. If the smbios is set as a Macbook 3,1 it should expect this card, right? I think it was the 4,1 and later that came with the broad com ones

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