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M4300 (2.6GHz) Running at 597MHz? Overheating?


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Well I have succesfully loaded my new (but old) M4300 with 10.9, tuned the FakeSMC and switched the SMBios.plist all per the instructions on this awesome site and the the help of Hervé!


I am using Kozlek's HWMonitor and noticing my CPUs are running at 597MHz and sometimes jumping to 2.6GHz once in a while. Why are both cores running at full speed? It is my understanding that they should unless told to do otherwise with issue such as overheating.


I notice a serious lag sometimes when performing some pretty simple processes such as using the Finder.


Also, I don't have any audio. (Probably an easy one but I'll throw it out there.)


Thanks for the forum!!!


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Let's take this offline as you probably have some incorrect settings. VoodooHDA works perfectly on that laptop. I've got no issue whatsoever with myM4300 and that runs on a [email protected].


This being said, it's perfectly normal to see your CPU cores running at the lowest speed when they are more or less idle and jump to the max frequency (and/or intermediate ones) as and when required by the actual load. There's no misbehaviour in that. There is no back-throttling due to overheating, no, that does not exist.

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