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Sound, Ethernet, Wireless, Keyboard & Mouse not working on Dell Latitude D620


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Recently I went ahead and tried to install Mac OS X Lion on my Dell Latitude D620. Earlier I tried installing Snow Leopard numerous times and each time I failed.


But with OS X Lion the installation started smooth and completed smoothly. Everything works absolutely flawlessy on my Dell Latitduee D620 Except for some of the drivers.


1) The Sound does not work cause there's no driver installed.

2) The Video is installed but the proper graphics card has not been (Which is NVIDIA in my case)

3) The LAN & WAN don't work (ethernet and wireless drivers are also not installed)

4) The Keyboard and Mouse/trackpad/mousepad also does not work.


Currently I have to connect USB Keyboard and Mouse in order to work on my D620.


I have gone through some links and see something called 'EDP', what is that exactly? Is it some kind of post-utility which will help me install the drivers or something else.


OR can anyone guide me in the right directtion on how to get the above 4 things working...Please cause I'm already loving LION so very much on my notebook

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