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Can't get Dell Truemobile 370 to work with 10.9


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I've installed Mavericks on a Dell Precision M4400 with a Dell Truemobile 370 Bluetooth card. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get BT working.


Based on what I see under Linux, I should be seeing a BCM2046B1 device which appears as a USB hub. Under it should be the actual HCI device and two composite devices for Bluietooth Proxy mode. Under Mavericks, though, all I see are the hub and the two Composite devices, no HCI device.


I assume that this is a firmware or initialization error with the device, but am not sure where to proceed to fix it.




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i know on the 340, 350 and 360 you had to install the drivers on windows first to initialize it. it then loads the firmware.

Unfortunately, this M4400 had been running Windows also it does work correctly if I boot a Linux LiveCD.


One hint I've seen is a reference on a Linux page to an 'hid2hci' command which is part of the Bluez software. That and Google led me to this post (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/136515-dell-wireless-365370410-bluetooth/) and a port of that command to a kext. (Apparently, the problem extends to the TrueMobile 365, 370 and 410 modules.)


This got the card recognized and a couple of edits later, working bluetooth.

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