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Sony Vaio VGC-LT1M Black Screen on Boot


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I picked up this machine during the week and I reckoned that it would make a great 22" iHac.


Specs are Intel C2D / Nvidia 8400GT / 22" LCD with 1680*1050 resolution.


The problem I am running into is the screen going black when window manager starts.


The only thing I could get to boot was the iFail ml (distro) installer. Installing it resulted in the same issue.


However distros IMO are not the right way, so I would like a vanilla installation


GPU details are as follows:


Geforce 8400 GT - (10DE 0426) 128MB VRAM


Any pointers on how I can get past this hurdle?

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Which version of OS X are you trying to install?


Try and boot with Chameleon flag -v. If you see the nVidia 8400GT reported in the 1st few lines of the startup, then GraphicsEnabler option is enabled. You should then try to boot with option GraphicsEnabler=No. If you do not see the graphics card reported, try with boot option GraphicsEnabler=Yes (but that may also require additional option PciRoot=).


You may require a patched DSDT to get that GPU supported, but it should not be a problem as the nVidia 8400 family is supported by OS X and it is fitted to many models we support here (eg: D630 or D830 that have the mobile version of the chip).

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