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Dell E5420


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i have bought a dell e5420 from a friend of mine and i wanted to put OS X on it.

i tried unifail and it booted into the installer and i installed it. when i try to boot after the install i had to use -X but when i try to install kexts at the first 10 times  :P it gave me the apple logo and then it turned white with a cursor but then its stuck there.

now i found a pack on the internet for the e5420 with a dsdt and a few kexts and now i get a kernel panic.

i already have done a few hackintoshes but this one i can't get it to work.

Please Help ME! 


The specs are

Intel celeron B840 processor 

4 gb of ram

Intel HD3000 graphics

IDT 92HD90 Audio controller

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i tried my hack but it did not boot into the installer.

and now i can only boot in save mode if i boot without any perk i see the apple logo and then a white screen with a cursor and trackpad working but it stays at that screen. what can i do:(

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