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Dell D630 Snow Leopard Installation Problem


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Hello everybody!


I am new to this Forum and hope that anyone here could help me installing Snow Leopard on my Dell D630.


My Hardware:

- Dell Latitude D630

- Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T9300 2.5 GHz


- 14 Inch Display (1440x900)

- Intel 965 Grafic


What I have done yet:

- Updated Bios to D630_OSX_INTEL.zip from WiKi

- Because of having no MAC I created a USB-Pen with Method 2 from Wiki

- Reseted Bios Defaults

- Changed HDD Mode to AHCI in Bios


Problem during installation:

- When Booting from USB Stick (with option -v) I get an panic Error.


I attached some pictures to explain the problem.

post-2034-076868800 1313244180_thumb.jpg

post-2034-033704200 1313244729_thumb.jpg

post-2034-042774600 1313245059_thumb.jpg

post-2034-044937100 1313245207_thumb.jpg

post-2034-066254000 1313245331_thumb.jpg

post-2034-096468900 1313245464_thumb.jpg


I would be very happy if anyone here could help me!

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Agh, you have an intel wifi card. Go in your Bios settings and turn off the wifi adapter. Unfortunately the bios you installed is for 1280x800 screens only :( I'd recommend you booting with -v -x and see if it boots. If it doesn't then we'll have to do something else. I'm more than willing to help! Cheers mate!

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Thank you guys for the quick answer.

simeonoff´s tip helped me to install Snow Leopard after deaktivation WLAN in the BIOS with the options -v -x.


To finish the installation I still have 3 problems left:



As already mentioned above my BIOS is for 1280x800 screens only. How can I manage a resolution of 1440x900?



EDP-Installation. Unfortionally SnowLeopard does not recognize any USB-Pen or CD/DVD with EDP-Files. Only the MAC-OS-Pen is detected.



WiFi. I bought a Broadcom BCM94321MC Wifi Card. But is has only 2 Connectors. My Intel Wifi Card has 3 Cabels so i don´t know how to connect them with the broadcom card.


I would be very happy if you quys could help me again.

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Solved 2 problems:


WiFi works now, with the Broadcom BCM94321MC Card (I had to left the black cable unconnect)


Loaded EDP Files from the internet with SnowLeopard and WiFi working.


Aktually I am downloading Software Updates from Apple and posting now out of Snow Leopard (Yeha!)


But there is still the problem with the wrong display resolution left.

Hope some of you quys can help me.

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