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Error after boot up - Mac OSX cannot be installed on this computer


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- Stuck again.  Looking for guidance.  Thanks in advance for your reply 


- Other forum threads did not seem to apply




- Dell D820  

- Bios A09 

-Intel Core 2 CPU  T7200 @ Gghz  1.99 Ghz @2.00GB Ram 

-Display Adapeter Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M 

 - My hack latest version

-  USB Created this AM using the My hack

- Trying to install Snow Leopard 10.6.2   Successfully created this. 


What I did


Bootup - f12  Select USB 

Get the OSX (not text) screen  Says install OSX  hit any key for boot up options 

(I have tried hitting any key and just letting it run.. same result)  

Select the OSX install.  

Get grey (textile type background) screen.  

Get Grey Apple screen

Get the apple mac (cosmos) type screen with language selection. 

Select English

Get error that MAC osx cannot be installed on this computer... if i want to restore from a time machine backup click restore or cancel.  

EG no way out of it.  No other options are available to me or menu items either.  


How I built the USB


With that being said I did follow the instructions (and corrections when I created the USB stick)  

Erased and Fomatted USB Mac extended (joural) 

I restored the Install DVD which came with the mac (10.6.2) on to the USB (took about an hour) 

Ran my hack extra ...did not load MBR  and used the correct boot pack 

Ran Utilities 

Ran Chameleon







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You cannot install SL with a DVD that came with a Mac, only with a Retail DVD! There are 3 versions: 10.6, 10.6.3 and 10.6.8. No other version will work. Only the Retail disks/images have all the necessary installation files required for Hackintoshes.

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