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Maybe a pathway to get working Optimus, developers needed!


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I got an Asus n56vz laptop.


I found this on an italian linux forum:
Because Hybrid VGA driver is only available for Windows 7/Vista, [/size]
it should select Others to activate external VGA to get better performance at other operation system[/size]

I discover some interesting hidden options with amibcp 4.35 that could work


In Advanced change:
(0897) Boot VGA Controller Selection For
from Windows7/Vista to Others

In Chipset/Graphic Configuration change:
(04B6) Primary Display
from SG to PEG
(03BA) Internal Graphics


So I follow some parts of this guide for another model of Asus laptop here:




I finally managed to unlock some BIOS options. http://i.imgur.com/3TBTgyc.jpg


BUT using "Others" option is just disabling HD4000 and enabling 650M only working with hdmi port video out, no lcd output.


Another kind user of this forum was telling me that there's no physical connection from 650m to lcd but just through hd4000. sad.png


So if anyone can explain how to unhide the "Chipset/Graphic" section I will try if just a bios edit will drive me to another step.


Meanwhile, digging in early linux efforts to use Optimus on linux I found this page:



It's about 100 lines of code.


Maybe someone could create a module for Chameleon or Clover?



One last thing from Wikipedia:



Operation without a device driver[edit]

When no software mechanism exists for switching between graphics adapters, the system cannot use the NVIDIA GPU at all, even if an installed graphics driver would support it.[8] Some older computers contain a BIOS setting to manually select the state of the hardware multiplexer to switch output between the two video devices.

***However, this setting is no longer part of the Optimus platform.***


So the famous "mux" chip is no longer present or supported?


I posted here because I can't find another good sections and I waited till April's folls day was gone.

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