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Atheros AR5BXB72 in Dell M4300


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Has anyone had any luck getting an Atheros AR5BXB72 working in a Dell Precision M4300 running OS X 9.2? I replaced my old DW1390 (b/g) with the Atheros (a/b/g/n) but OSX never allows me to use it. If i do a "lspci -nn" from the shell the Atheros shows up just fine. I edited the AirportAtheros40 kext and verified the DeviceID (168c:0024) was present. However, when I go in to System Preference the hardware tab is grayed out and the wireless is off. Clicking "Turn on wireless" has no effect. In the BIOS the Dell shows the Wireless device as an "Unknown Device". I've tried two different AR5BXB72 cards, one Apple branded and one Toshiba branded. Both have the same problem.


I've seen other articles where people have gotten this card to work in other machines.



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