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What Make / Model of Wireless Cards to replace INTEL card on D820?


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I think I have the intel card... although I am not sure.    I have installed the my hack and the wireless doesn't work.  

A person suggested that I switch out the card for another card.   Question is what card to buy?  


This is for a Dell D820 


I need 2.4 GHZ and 5 G reception.  


There are a few options out there, is there one which works better than others?  


Thank you   

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Quick update via ebay I ordered a wireless card.  I literally installed it, booted up and within 5 min it auto recognized the card and the airport was ACTIVE. 

Thank you very much for the Guidance here.  


For reference I replaced the Intel Wireless Card with the following card   Dell DW 1490.    Works awesome.  


I then went back to the OSX site and ran EDP tools.  I ran the custom build and it fixed the sound problem

(Still have a LAN issue, but working that though another thread.)  


Thanks again  

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