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E6530 - Mavericks - Fine Tuning


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At first, since this is my first post here, big congrats for your effort.

Really made me install OSX Mavericks (10.9.1) on my E6530.


I have followed the instructions here provided by Jake Lo (thanks for that; really made it quite easy).


Compared to his system, I have a different version of BIOS (A13) than the one in the guide (A12). 

Should I reinstalled the earlier version (if this is possible)?


Now, with the issues I am facing:

1. I can hear the noise of the fan working all the time. Of course it is not that loud, but is this really what I should expect?

2. I am using the Extra_Mav.zip folder in my system, as it is in the archive. The only change I made in the boot.plist was to add a Timeout of 2 seconds. Should I do anything else? (Again, my system is identical to the guide, except the BIOS version).

3. The laptop now is always quite hot, on the left side. Power management is really working? The Activity Monitor shows that the CPU is over 80% idle most of the time, but still laptop gets quite hot, so most possibly PM is indeed working. Maybe it is because of the nVidia card, which is all the time enabled?

4. Should I update to 10.9.2? Based on my experience, with SL 10.6 some time ago, I should install the delta or combo update, reinstall Chameleon and I should be good to go (or maybe troubleshoot some stuff, but I should be able to login again to OSX).


Whenever you have time!





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Hi Christos,


I'm running 10.9.4 on E6530 well.. 


1. Fan settings - you could try in bios ..choose a different setting - I dont see this isse

2. My exts have changed a lot - i can send a copy if you need

3. mine run hot as well.. it is normally because optimus is turned off and ur using the nvidia card all the time..needs more power :(

4. You can try 10.9.4.. U will have an issue with audio.. i'm using the VoodooHDA which works fine...


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