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Optiplex 755 - confused with partitions


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ok i used myhack to create a usb install of lion 10.7.0 on a Dell optiplex 755

and i installed to the first partition on sata2


I used kextdrop to get the ethernet working along with hda sound and nvidiaenabler.kext.


I decided to upgrade to 10.7.2 

because I thought this might go wrong I decided to copy my hfs+ partition with gparted in debian 

sata2 now is ¦hfs+(original) ¦ ext3 data¦ freespace ¦hfs+copy¦ freespace ¦ linuxswop¦


now the 2 hfs+ partitions are near identical with same diskname.


after I made my backup copy I installed 10.7.2 update and now it gets wierd


on boot I have 3 options a penguin a lion and another lion.

if i don't choose an option osx fails to boot properly

if I choose the middle lion then it also fails to boot properly

if I choose the end lion then I boot to 10.7.2 

however I don't know which partition that is the original or the copy.

now if i boot into debian from the first hdd and run gparted.


I can see the original hfs+ partition has more free space than the copy.


so any idea what I have done? 

have I mistakenly upgraded my backup partition to 10.7.2 ?

why does the boot fail on the middle lion partition.

how do I fix this ?

which partition do i delete and which do I keep?


should I now copy my copy back over the original ?

i'm kind of hoping to keep going up to 10.7.5 eventually 

but it failed to work when i downloaded with software update.


any suggestions please?



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It probably does not auto-boot on any given partition because none is selected as a default partition. You can choose one through Chameleon Wizard if you want and also specify the potential delay you may want to have at bootloader launch.


Use Disk Utility app to establish the exact partition arrangements on your HDD (1st partition is at top and last one at bottom).


Download the 10.7.5 Combo Update rather than update through the Apple menu. It will allow you to make kext adjustments if required before rebooting into 10.7.5.

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Thanks for the reply, very useful titbits.

I took a guess and formatted the first partition (copied both user directories as they hold most of the stuff downloaded to  them).


The guess was right my backup had become the 10.7.2 partition.

so i've reinstalled 10.7.0 to the first partition so I can upgrade that one I hope (renamed it to firstosx) so that should become clear :)



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hmm something has gone a bit wrong 

I initially went 10.7.0 10.7.3 10.7.4 10.7.5

at which point i found my only audio was hdmi.

i retraced my steps and was fine to 10.7.4 

however I didn't install the nvidiaenabler.kext  

and this time no display or sound. 

I think it maybe the applehda.kext gets installed on 10.7.5 which is why the problem with audio

i'm kind of stuck with this unless i can get nvidiaenabler installed via my 10.7.2 partition.

maybe anyway. 

I guess there should be a way to get this working from boot but honestly I haven't a clue what I'm doing

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ok heres what I have done now start with 10.7.0 -> 10.7.3 added ethernet hdaaudio and nvidiaenabler kexts

if I don't have them at this point i don't get a screen when I go to 10.7.4 


now I am on 10.7.4 and am upgrading to 10.7.5 I expect audio problems but i think the screen and ethernet will be ok

from googling around it looks like applehda.kext isn't compatible with hdaaudio.kext if i am right then i need to disable applehda.kext (probably just rename it and ensure hdaaudio.kext is in extensions  that should cure my audio problems 

thats if it boots up at all ) will get back to this thread after the upgrade. The upgrade maybe pointless as it seems 10.7.4 is actually faster but some versions of tools like xcode require 10.7.5



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As suspected applehda.kext doesnt support the jacks on the optiplex755 when i booted up 10.7.5 for the first time they were not an option but it booted! By simply going into system, library and trashing the applehda.kext it allowed the voodoohda.kext to load on the next boot. So thats pretty much a working 10.7.5 on optiplex 755. Theres a complaint on boot about c states or something so the power management is probably broken  but it doesn't really matter very much.

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If the normal VoodooHDA package is installed, AppleHDA is disabled without removing AppleHDA.kext. A kext is added to /System/Library/Extensions called AppleHDADisabler.kext. You can also add all of these to /Extra/Extensions (VoodooHDA/AppleHDADisabler) which will disable AppleHDA without removing/reinstalling VoodooHDA on each update, but the kexts should be installed with Kext Wizard to /Extra/Extension because they will add the kexts to AppleKextExcludeList.kext and allow the kexts to be loaded without errors. myHack Full should be ran after the kexts are installed to /Extra/Extensions and after each update to ensure permissions and kextcache is properly rebuilt so that you dont run into errors with the next boot. 


It really is up to you where you want the VoodooHDA package installed. Each has its own benefits. Both work, as long as you have audio!

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thank you for your help i have it working the way i did it any way, maybe not the best way but it works ...


I have an external usb dvd drive and this came in useful to make the dvd player app work (i guess vlc might be a better alternative) It was trying this out which found i had lost my audio jacks ..
sudo cp /System/Library/Frameworks/DVDPlayback.framework/Versions/A/DVDPlayback /System/Library/Frameworks/DVDPlayback.framework/Versions/A/DVDPlayback.bak
sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x49\x6E\x74\x65\x72\x6E\x61\x6C|\x45\x78\x74\x65\x72\x6E\x61\x6C|g' /System/Library/Frameworks/DVDPlayback.framework/Versions/A/DVDPlayback
http://www.coderebel.com/  this has an rdp terminal server for os x and its free for 10.7.x users
this seems to work well with an rdp client on linux mint although streaming video via rdp is pretty poor as expected. however the osx desktop seems to work well
now the iRAP app says you can't use screens at different resolutions well by selecting display preferences in the remote client I can 1360x768 for the local session and i'm using 800x600 in the remote or 1024x768 in the remote session. Its my netboot running mint so the ideal would be 1024x600
however that isn't an option.  of course i could use an android tablet as a remote display too :) rdp is rdp after all :)
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