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Mavericks bootpack for D430 and best stable chameleon bootloader for d430


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Hi there,


1.  Is there mavericks install with boot pack for dell d430? Just like lion with 10.7 boot pack.  

2.  What's the best stable chameleon boot loader.  I recently installed v.2248 and no change. What I want is just the mac logo and the windows logo.

3.  Is there a way the boot screen pops up and I can chose either of the os rather than it goes directly to Mac os lion. Sometimes I wanna work on windows. 


Thanks a lot.  

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1. No such bootpack no. There is no point installing Mavericks on GMA950-based systems: there is no graphic support so it's next to useless...


At best, you can install ML with the MLPF special hack.


2 & 3. Download, install and run Chameleon Wizard. It'll help you learn what's feasible with Chameleon. You can safely use the latest version available through the wizard on a D430. CW will show you all those options you're after.

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