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New install D830 Nvidia


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Okay guys, I got my SSD in the mail and I am going to completely re-do my system

My system specs:

Dell Latitude D830 Nvidia

Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M


60 GB SSD-Primary bay

750 Hybrid SSD-Modular bay


In my new installation, I am going to Tri-Boot Windows 8.1, Mcintosh OSX 10.9.3, and Ubuntu 14.04.

Here are my questions for the forums:


Which OS should I load onto the SSD? I am going to use each OS about the same ammount of time.

Should I put a SWAP on the SSD or the secondary drive?

Does Mac allow for manual TRIMming?

Do I still need to use the D630 bootpack?

Does the mouse finnally work after the install and EDP with no hassle?


Any responses are greatly appreciated!

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I've got a similar setup but the only diffrence is that I don't have SSD (not yet ;) ).


Internal SATA HDD hosting Win 8.1 and OS X 10.9.4.

Modular Bay hosting OS X 10.10 BP 2 and xubuntu 14.04 plus a Time Machine partition.


All of that created with standard D830 nVidia BootPack and a mix of Clover for Yosemite booting and Chameleon for the rest of the 3 OSes.


So it's absolutly feasable ;)


For swap considerations, I'd say that the best place for that is obviously SSD of course.


BootPack had no issue for me, works OOB and mouse/keyboard are working fine.

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