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Bizarre keyboard behaviour


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I am trying to remap my Logitech Cordless pro ergonomic keyboard to mac key style. Trying to identify which key is actually doing what seems to be awkward.


My Alt key seems to be taking the action of Command and vice vera, but when I use system preferances>keyboard>Modifier Keys to change them I get the following weird behaviours.


Before change (in Finder)


Alt+T opens new tab 

Win Logo+T takes focus to nearest alphabetical listed folder or file prior to the letter chosen (i.e. if no T file but an S file then it selects the S etc) 


After swapping the designations in system preferences.....


Alt+T closes toolbar

Win Logo +T closes toolbar


This is weird as now both key combos are doing the same thing and neither does what it is supposed to do.


Can anyone explain this behaviour and how to remap correctly so that the Alt key becomes Option and does what the option key is supposed to do and similar for the win logo becoming command.


Also my Delete key and all F keys do nothing at all. (No Fn key on this board but I do have 4 keys to the right of space bar -- Alt, Win Logo, a key with a doc logo on it, and ctrl)


I am thinking maybe I need a kext for the keyboard. Is there a kext repository somewhere like Linux has repositories of software?


Thanks for any help


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Keyboard remapping has been mentioned before and tools such as Ukelele (which includes pre-defined Logitech layouts) or DoubleCommand were recommended. You can do a search on the forum for that.

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