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EDP question


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Having some brainfreeze problems re. installing the EDP package from the d4x0 site. I have a D420 and just installed 10.6.0 on it. Install went great and 10.6 works fantastic. I wanted to install the extra driver package and then update to 10.6.3 (or 10.6.5, if it's recommended). But I need to ask HOW to install it? As per d4x0 instructions, I downloaded the Booter AsereBLN v.1.1.9. The instructions refer to "extracting" the files to /asere and then running the various commands in terminal. But unzipping the zipped file gives me a folder, not a mounted disk. Obviously I can't get past the terminal command type cd /asere. Excuse the brainfreeze here, but what should I be doing differently with the Booter Asere file? And I guess the same would apply to the EDP file, too, as the instructions are to load cd /Extra. It's late and I'm not seeing things clearly, so I hope it's just a temporary mental block here, and the procedure is pretty simple. Any help greatly appreciated.

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