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D630 with Lion cannot see HDD


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Hey all,


I've been lurking for a few weeks now, reading a lot of the information already posted.

I've got a D630, and I'd like to install Lion 10.7 on it.

I downloaded myHack 3.3.1 (well done on getting the website back up), and got my 10.7 installer from the Mac App Store.

I then used myHack to create a USB installer.

I've setup the BIOS exactly as per the instructions already posted here.

However, when booting the installer, I cannot see the internal Hard Drive.

The SATA operation mode is definitely set in AHCI mode. The BIOS can see the 500 GB HDD, but the OS X installer cannot.


What shall I do next to get this working?


Many thanks in advance for your help,


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Disk utility doesn't see the drive. Only sees DVD drive and USB boot drive.

I've made a standard installer from myHack.

I'm not home at the moment but I'll post up my

/Extra when I get in.


Another thing I did last night before sleep is download the boot pack for 10.7 and used myHack to add the /Extra on the boot drive. Now I can't boot the installer. I'll just make the installer again and let you know of the contents of /Extra.


Thanks for the help so far, I'll post up when I get in.

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OK, so in /Extra I have:








Last time I posted I mentioned that I downloaded the D630 Lion boot pack, and installed it via myHack via "Install Extra. This made the HDD hang, and stop booting half way through.

I since installed the generic Extra from within myHack, and the installer boots perfectly again. I still can't see my internal hard drive though.


What can I try next?



Removed Extensions:




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You need the AppleACPIPlatform kext v1.3.5 aka EDP's "CoolBook fix", at least with 10.74/10.7.5. Which version are you installing?


No need for NullCPUPowerManagement. Native AICPM is supported with appropriate FakeSMC + SMBIOS & boot plists. You'll find all about it in R&D section of the forum and in the Articles section of the web site. Hint: look at the very bottom of your browser page's when in the forum...

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
<plist version="1.0">
	<key>Graphics Mode</key>
	<key>Kernel Flags</key>

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I'm owner of Dell Latitude D630, Intel x3100 (1280x800) and I have the same problem with 10.7.5 OS X instalation.

downloaded and executed myHack application, downloaded Bootpack (Dell_Latitude_D630_Intel-lion.zip)

but myHack didn't ask me a question to put on the flash drive my custom D630 Bootpack.



1st - i made usb with GUID support and standard myHack Extra folder.

2nd - i replaced standard myHack Extra folder to Extra folder from Dell_Latitude_D630_Intel-lion.zip.

3d - i made usb with MBR support and replace standard myHack Extra folder to Extra folder from Dell_Latitude_D630_Intel-lion.zip.


But i cant see my HDD on instalation process in any of this combinations, i see only DVD and flash drive.


What a have to do to install 10.7.5 on my D630 ?



p.p.s romanboy, do you fix this problem?

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