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Latitude E6500 - Yosemite installation


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Hi, I have e6500 (the same configuration as e6400) and I used the instructions and Extra as listed in the E6400 guide posted here but my Yosemite installer won't boot.


@Krzysztofc10: could you post every file or kext you use to boot yosemite installer on your latitude e6400?
Many thanks 

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Every files need to install and boot OSX I've just post :) You will find everything in my E6400 Yosemite topic. I will help you but i don't have Yosemite beta anymore :C Now I have old good Mountain Lion :) And graphics is super smooth ;) In Yosemite Gui is slow on our Nvs 160, in Mavericks you can also feel that :C so I've just decided to wait for someone who will do great job and prepare drivers for our laptop :)


1.Create bootable USB but make sure that is formated to os x journaledand set GUID :)Boot USB OS X Yosemite (Chameleon).zip use this simple installer :)

2.Extract and copy to root of your usb this Extra.zip

3.When you will boot you can use command -v -f


Did you do that ? 

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I've just write a Guide at the first page of this thread :) Try that!


Cheers! :)

 Hi, I have tested your update procedure in 1st post and this is conclusion:


1.  to prepare USB installer with DP1 and using usb.pkg utility, you must do this with it:

Open USB.pkg, click Continue, Continue, Continue, Continue, Agree, Change Install Location to your USB, then CUSTOMIZE, and select Installer + chameleon (booth must by selected to install Chameleon boot loader to your USB), Install, write password...


2. copy Extra folder from 1st post to USB. (for my e6500 I do no changes with it in SMBIOS or Chameleon boot plist, I have same CPU 2,8GHz...)


3. using myHack.app to Quick fix the USB permission


4. restart laptop and boot from USB and then I have other problem -> missing kernel

(USB.pkg utility do not copied kernel to USB/System/Library/Kernels/ I do not know why), so I downloaded kernel for DP1 from net and copied to the right folder to USB installer


next step -> restart again and boot from USB and these are some errors:


A) with boot flags -v -f



B) with boot flags -v -f -x



SO 10.10 DP1 on my Dell Latitude e6500 still wont boot. :(

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