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Need Major Help Installing 10.9.1 on D830


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I have a D830 2.0 Intel Core 2 Duo with Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M 128mb Graphics.  It is the Low Resolution Screen or so I believe.


I have made up a USB bootdisk using MyHack with 10.9.1.  It installs fine about 75% of the time.  The other 25% of the time it hangs at a black screen where you would normally have the Apple Logo..the screen right before you choose the Language to start the install.  Usually all that is required is for me to restart the install from the USB and the next time around it works beautifully.


But after this everything else fails terribly.


1.)  I install 10.9.1 on my Hard Drive.  I use a generic Extra folder when asked by MyHack.  And I don't install the 3 options that can cause problems.  Is this my first problem.  Should I install an Extra that is made for my D830.

2.)  After installing, the only way to get up to the setup screens where you choose your language and keyboard etc. is to use the USB Myhack Drive and using the flags -x, -v.  Chameleon that was installed to the Hard Drive during the install will not work no matter if I use the -x and or -v flags. 

3.)  After setting up my account, I reboot.  I cannot in any way boot from the Hard Drive.  It always hangs at the Apple Logo with swirling circle.  The only way to get in is to boot from the USB Stick, and even then it hangs at a black screen, unless I use GraphicsEnabler=Yes.  If I use that flag I can boot in and type in my password. 

4.)  Then from this point on I run into problems.  Should I install the Extra from the bootpack for this computer on www.osxlatitude.com?

Should I install a new Chameleon using Chameleon Wizard?  And Should I install EDP?


The problem first lies with installing EDP.  I know how to install EDP and start it, but what options should I choose.  There are about 10-15 options with little green On/Off slider buttons next to them?  Should I keep them all set to On?  I think this is where a majority of my problem lies.  I think the other problem lies with Chameleon and installing that.


I will stop there with the questions because I would really like the work out the issue with EDP first.  I am use to the old EDP where you kinda had to manually do the install and pick your options for a small menu.  But the new one is overwhelming for me.


Any help is greatly appreciated.  I had this working a couple of months ago, but when I recently turned it on, it wouldnt boot anymore.  Also I had no sound when I was able to get into it, but now I cannot even do a simple install without these major problems coming up.

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Here is where it is stopping on Verbose mode.


I have provided the pictures I took.  Hopefully you can tell where it is hanging.  Sorry about the Flash white spot in the one picture.  Its actually the clearest one so I provided it.  As you can see it is always hanging around the Bluetooth Controller.  But Bluetooth is turned off in Bios.


Thanks for any help you guys can provide.  





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Use the boot pack provided by this site. It has all the necessary minimum set of files to get your basic installation going (in particular the patched DSDT file). Once you have that done, we'll help you finalise the installation with EDP or a direct complete /Extra pack if EDP proves problematic.

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Thanks Herve for the response.  I appreciate it a lot.


I have been using the bootpack from this site.  I have been using the one on the EDP "Chart" for the 10.9 Mavericks.  Just so I am on the right thinking here, the bootpack is the Extra Folder isn't it.  Because I have been patching that in when I have the option in Myhack to use a generic one or use one of my own.  I direct it to the Extra Folder I have directly on my USB Drive named "D830 Extra".  I am assuming it can have a name like that right?  Other than that, the only way I can patch anything in is using the Safe Mode and many of my options are available in Safe Mode.




As far as the DSDT do I patch that in the MyHack main screen.  I have never messed around with the DSDT before.


Thanks again very much for the help.  I really want to get my Dell back on working Mavericks.



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Ok.  This is what I have done.


1.)  I installed a fresh install using the generic Extra and NO to the 3 problematic kexts.

2.)  I am then able to Start the computer using GraphicsEnabler=Yes and -v.

3.)  I then go to the website and download the Extra from the 10.9 Bootpack.  I install it and run Myfix...the full one after installing.

4.)  I am then NOT able to start using the GraphicsEnabler=yes and -v.  The only way for me to start the computer is using the -x (safe mode) which I lose a bunch of functionality because a lot of stuff wont run in safe mode.  It locks up at the OSXLatitude gray screen with the spinning icon.  The screen shots above are where it is locking up.


Any Help or suggestions:):)  Please:):)



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There is still something else that is wrong. I installed a fresh install and it is still locking up at the screen shots above. I have used the bootpack provided by Herve and still can't get it to boot without using safe mode. I am installing bootpack after I log onto and set up my computer using myhack. I am not running a full my fix or even a quick my fix. Should I be doing that because it looks like it is my fixing it when I install the bootpack provided by Herve.


Thanks for the help guys. You are my last hope to get this running:) :)

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