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Network problem with ML on D430


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I am following this guide:




I can put ML on my D430 and start it, i can use ML Postfactor etc. 


BUT i cannot get any network interfaces up to be able to run EDP5


Can someone point me to the right kext for ethernet or/and wifi, it would be most helpful with a link also if possible.


I then intend to install it with kexthelper if you don't have a better alternative, if so please advice me.



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Good point Hervé, you should get in on the money if i had something to say about it. But it will gain my profile at the company so i might make a personal contribution.


I got everything up on the D430 and have also gotten both ML and Mav... up and running om both Optiplex 3010 and 7010 also.


Where are all the old bootpacks, can we reach them in any way, maybe they were not good but i used them for many machines. The same with EDP, i would like an offline version when i do not have network, the old ones could be used without network as i remember it.


Hope we get all the models back in the compability/bootpack list again.


Thanks for all the work!!!

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