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Dell XPS 720 10.9 install


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Dell XPS 720 10.9 install,is this possible ? 


I have been searching around and seen people installing Snow Leopard but nothing later i can find is there a simple reason for this ?


I have installed on Q6600 systems before but i cant seem to get to the install screen on this machine.


I see no option to set the SATA to ACHI mode so i have just left it on RAID,im thinking this may have something to do with it ?


Any help regarding this issue would be great,i jusy cant see why it does not like the install.


Thanks in advance

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I succeeded XPS720 with Mountain lion 10.8.5 before.
XPS720 chipset is not made from Intel. Install method is little changed from others.
You have to put a lot of kexts for S/L/E after installed...
Set a SATA = IDE in the bios, Make a MBR installer *Maybe possible to install for GPT (?)
Patched IOATAFamily.kext for E/E USB stick. 
Or SATA3 card to set a AHCI automatically as very easy, see my thread.
Sorry for I couldn't try now and am sold XPS720 is too big for my house.
Go 4 it!

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Im going to give it a shot,i built a myhack 10.9 usb and booted with the flags:

-v -x GraphicsEnabler=No and it ran right through to the install screen but monitor went blank and says 'No Input Signal' after around 5 minutes the PC shut down.


Hardware specs are:

GTX460 card


Q6600 CPU 

Unsure of the motherboard think its a Dell YU822 

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I'm not too surprised this XPS 720 is problematic: it's based on nVidia nForce 680i chipset, not an Intel one. So, you're probably going to need

specific kexts to handle that. You probably won't be able to boot successfully with standard IOATAFamily kext.

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I've been forget how to install it, But I think I tried out install with Mavericks. I installed Mountain Lion 10.8.5. I'm really forget a details...Sorry for that. I remember I saw Administrator Herve's 1st link is very helpful and you can do that. I experienced nForce 680i and 650i. *I look over them, They recommended Asmedia chip like me !


I thought I didn't over clocking with it, But I putted XEON X5365 work. It seem to be useless, attached the pix.1st one is the Core 2 duo E6700, Second is XEON X5365. Work with XPS720. Try it your next steps.




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