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Inspiron 3520 with HD3000 - occasional graphics artefacts


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Lately, this issue has cropped up. Only in web browsers, I'm seeing graphics artefacts. I've dealt with it because it hasn't happened often, but lately they've been showing up more and more.





In Google Chrome, browsing InsanelyMac:



In Safari, browsing OSXLatitude:




Its not acting like normal artefacts (previously experienced with the GMA 950), because these scroll with the page instead of staying in place. Also, I can get rid of them if I "highlight" them like I would with normal text. 


Nothing has changed in my system. I'm running 10.9.4 on an Intel HD3000 Inspiron 3520. I've not messed with any new kexts, bootloaders, utilities, etc. 


Are these normal? Are they fixable? Why only in a web browser?


If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask!

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Could be. I've not noticed it until 10.9.4. Did a bit of research, and it seems that I'm not the only person on a Intel HD 3000 with this problem, which makes me feel a bit better. A few workarounds, but unless artifacts continue to get worse, they aren't worth trying. 


Just odd that in the last week or so, they've gotten way worse. Also odd that they always seem to start lower on the left side and progressively get higher towards the right side.


Who knows. Maybe my graphics chip is dying. That'd be my luck lately lol. Thanks Herve. I'll wait it out until 10.9.5 and see how that helps.

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