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[DELL desktops] List for the LGA771 to 775 / Hackintosh build


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This is Enlish version from my blog. If you are Japanese, See my blog first.

I hope it seem to be valid report.

I always said my english is very bad and sorry if read it.


LGA 775 / Quad Core CPUs are already old school but very popular even now, Hi-end CPUs has been sold expensive. But, How about a LGA 771 for saver computers? These are very cheep at the eBay price. For example, Q9650 is about for $90-. But same specifications X5450 is for about a $30-…

And I would like to say, These XEONs are very superior for over clocked, It’s gonna be stable if use the middle of summer. *Almost Dell models are locked CPU clock without modded bios.


See my table * This table will be update If add a verified CPU or some modification. UPDATED 2014 SEP. 3


Each models and motherboard name, Chipset and possible LGA775 CPU to mount, Already tested LGA 771 XEON CPU, Max TDP are listed.

And Network, Audio chip, Possibility for AHCI at the BIOS, Boot confirmation to OSX versions are listed. Use it as reference.

* Some desktops were already sold, I began to listing this recently. Specialy install to OSX, You can find out almost of Dell desktop models in this forum. Skillful users are explain them. Thy are better than me.

Few DELL desktops are not supported Quad core, But they possible to put Quad core truly. You can confirm at my table.


Things to prepare


1, LGA 771 to 775 adapter : Find it from eBay. Prices are from only for $2.00-. I bought from Greek seller. He gave me a XEON decal ! Of course I have no relationship with them, You can choice as you like.

2, Sure you should have a LGA 771 XEON CPU. It seem to be better to choice a X5460 if your DELL is in my list, Is necessary cost performance in it, Used prices are very cheap at eBay for $30-.

3, DELL Desktops of my recommended, I trust these are very cheep at the used computer market on your country aria.


How to mods


1, Remove your LGA775 CPU. This pic of desktop is Inspiron 545s.





2, Cut off the 2 keys on the CPU socket. Cut off very carefully and never tach the pins. I used Japanese little chisel.*I recommend single edge.



Up side


And down side


Be carefully to other parts of your mother board.


3, Set a LGA 771 to 775 adapter. Adapter has 2 double sided tapes. Do not slip off to stick on your CPU. Every hole should be see a dot patterns to offset a CPU. Fit a triangle marking to same angle. If you have no triangle marking, You can find an arrow marking on your adapter. Fit an arrow to triangle marking.




4, Set a CPU to socket. Keys are already cut off, Carefully to fit a triangle marking to same angle. Double check the KEY could not be a burr. It should be fit perfectly.




5, Rest a CMOS, And Pull of a coin battery, Wait 1 min or more.


6. Coin battery Back to the Mother board, Power on your computer, Push the F12 key at the boot screen. It’s gonna be fine if check in the BIOS screen.






I knew it and have been tested at last year end, I have not too much skills. That’s the way to already old saw a Donnie’s web site. I have been just fun to tested many Dell desktops to install a OSX10.8 to 10.9.4 as repetition. I succeeded 11 DELLs my self, But I’m not sure the point perfectly also. I’m not hacker, I didn’t know the point a lot too.


If exchanged to LGA771 Xeon on your DELL, When chameleon placed to PCIrootUID 0 to 1 or 1 to 0. If you try this mods after finished installation a OSX, Change a boot option. I’m not sure this construction.

nForce motherboard hasn’t correctable motion if over clocked. If you already succeeded with LGA 775, That’s deferent with LGA771 put your DELL.

Almost DELL desktops locked a clock, If you haven’t correctable clock shows on your system, Edit a smbios.plist>MaxCPUSpeed. If your CPU is 3.33GHz, Add a 3330 in it.*4 decimal places.


This LGA775 to 771 adapter contraction by Donnie’s web site, I asked him when I make a link. I showed him my list, He said “It looks good from what I can tell so far. I usually update the tested motherboards list once a week. I’ll look over it more then and let you know if I notice any problems.†Of course he is not Macintosh user like me also you too. He made a tool to add a microcode, He introduce very particularly…



Inspiron 535 runs Geek bench, Better result with X5470 3.33GHz.


Thanx for read this topic. Hope you enjoy your Hackintosh old school build.

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Brilliant guide.

Bought a Xeon E5450 and 4 adapters for £26 (even included a Xeon Inside sticker).


Followed this guide for my trusty old Dell Inspiron 530 running Mavericks.

All works well. 


18 to 20% improvement in benchmarks compare to Q9300 but was fun modding.



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There's a new modded BIOS at bios-mods.com for the Vostro200. It widens CPU support to quad-core Yorkfield-CL and Harpertown Xeon CPUs. So, not all quad-core CPUs appear supported but interesting models like the E5450 for instance. X series are supported too but at 120W compared to 80W for E series at same or slightly higher speed (@FSB 1333MHz, E5450/X5450 run at 3.0GHz, X5470 runs @3.33GHz), E models should indeed be favoured for what are otherwise strictly identical CPUs. I've got an E5450 on order too. Running Ok on a dual-core Xeon [email protected] meantime.  ;-)
NB. Quad-core cpus are only supported on the G33M03, the G33M02 only supports dual-core CPUs.

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My Inspiron 530 with stock bios 1.0.18 recognised the Xeon E5450 out of the box - no modded bios required.

I did look at my bios and examined the versions of microcode included.

The Xeon microcodes as are slightly older but no issues at all.

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I have not tested E5450 on Vostro 200, I only tested X5470 in it.

But very nice news for me, And interested about that.

If I have a chance to have a Vostro 200 again, I will test it.

Of course new bios also.


Thank you for interested for this mod  :-P


PS: I think latest LGA775 mother board chipset is not better for LGA771 mods.

But some could be run with only C0 stepping CPU.

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I made this list, All of results are tested by my self.

I think If his motherboard is G33M02, I didn't tested with E5450.

If it would work with C0 stepping quad Xeon, I should fix this lists.


Donnie said G33M02 work only dual core, I believed that.

Because I tested X5470 was not work with it.

I'm no idea about microcode on the bios.

Herve's link is very interested for me. Someone add a quad core

microcode for G33M02 BIOS like a G33M03(VOSTRO400).

But in the G33M02, Motherboard hardware capacitors are different from G33M03.

I wanna know how stable is it if put a quad core xeon.


But I think your intuition is correct.

G33M02 and G33M03 is very close specification.

I never seen before G33M03 on the Inspiron 530 or VOSTRO 200,

But is not strange, If DELL sold that other world aria.

I'm not sure about that.

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