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E5540 - Full install help


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Hi All,


I have been attempting to install mavericks 10.9.4 on my E5540. I have attempted multiple usb configurations and setups but not been successful.


My configuration is:



Bios A07

i5-4300uCPU @ 1.90GHZ

Intel HD Graphics so 4400 i'm presuming.

Rebranded DW1397 wifi card from old hackintosh.


Bios has been full set to defaults and sata operation set to AHCI.


I have followed the Clover USB guide for E7440 here:



Removed default boot args -gux_defer_usb2 dart=0 kext-dev -mode=1 set in clover options and tried a mix of the following:






I have not once reached the setup screen yet.


I have attached the -v screen...


I noticed USBF lines show some kind of errors


If anyone could help much appreciated....





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