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2 finger scrolling and tap (for right click)


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Just managed to get MAC OS X 10.9.5 installed on my E7440 i7-4600U with the help of this forum, thank you :)


I've struggled a bit with Kext for the touchpad and keyboard.


From stock, the ALPS touchpad seem's quite zittery regarding multi touch activity.


Because of this, its quite difficult to do the 2 finger scroll and 2 finger tap for right click.


I tried installing the driver I found on this forum with regard to a voodoops2 driver, but it did not seem to make any difference.


I then tried installing similar drivers from the EDP application and noticed no change.


Can I achieve reliable scrolling and right click with the current software?


How does the system respond to all the Kext I've been experimenting with?





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Try the version on my signature file below Exx30_touchpad by Sontrg. You have to leave a gap between 2 fingers when you scroll and 2 finger tab for right click. For me side scrolling is more smooth, but I think you could adjust the finger gap in the kext, but I've not looking into it yet. 

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I've being using this file but I have random freezes, anybody have issues? I'm Mavericks 10.9.5 Clover and dmesg report: Found ALPS Device with ID E7=0x73 0x03 0x0a, EC=0x88 0x08 0x22

I just turn Bluetooth OFF and it seems to be stable, anyone? will see if it holds.

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