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E5440 - I'm a very beginner trying to install os x on my laptop


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hi guys im confused about hackintoshes and trying to install os x on my laptop ive searched the whole web and i found no way of an easy way to understand on how to install it, so many things like patching the bios and all that and something called kexts, confused.


i basically have a dell latitude e5440 buisness laptop 14inch, intel core i5 4th gen 4300u, intel hd graphics 4400.

What i want to do is i have windows 7 installed on my laptop and i made a partition 200gigs and that is where i want to insall os x, i primarily want to use windows os as i have alot of documents thats why i made a separate partition to install osx and searching on how to install osx on the web i came across this website.


hope you guys can help. :|

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i kinda understand. i read the posts but if you could kindly explain to me what steps to do first in order so when i finish a post i can move on to the next one.


the other part i did not understand about bootpack and you said said something about being similiar with my laptop. is there an easier way to understand the process of (bootpack)?


another thing is i know how to install windows os i fairly know things about computers but the thing thats worrying me is the process of installing osx.

in posts it wont tell you what to do first and the steps to do after and so on.


if i successfully install os x on my laptop dual booted with windows, do i have your permission to write a clean post based on how i installed it.

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Sorry for the late response.

A bootpack is what allow your system to boot. Since every hardware is different, each system might have different boot pack specifically DSDT and SSDT.

Follow installation documentation here.

  1. Preinstallation
  2. Installation
  3. Post Installation.



For Yosemite guide and boot pack see here.

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