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  1. Yes the serial matches. And btw is it because my partition is encrypted that it won't show on clover, because everytime i boot sierra, i get a prompt to enter my password to decrypt the El capitan partition
  2. Yes, but i installed El capitan first then Sierra. Does the order of installation matter.
  3. 1st is Boot macOS from recovery HD 2nd is Boot recovery from recovery HD 3rd is Boot macOs from macintosh sierra 4th is Boot recovery from recovery HD
  4. Oh sorry, im using with sierra. I have sierra working and elcapitan installed on a partition but it wont show in clover boot.
  5. Laptop: Dell Latitude E5440 Processor: i5-4300U Graphics: HD4400 Ram: 8GB Clover: 4200
  6. Looking through my files today and i see that i didn't have VoodooPS2Controller.kext, i've added the new one anyways. But could the problem have been something else? See here:
  7. Is it the one on post #4? Because i have Sierra not El Capitan.
  8. Is there anyway i can upload the image so i can get help on my problem?
  9. My system reboots after trying to install sierra. I managed to grab a pic before the reboot. I cannot upload the pic, as it is too large. My limit has decreased to 1.6mb
  10. Fixing. Can i copy over the tools and Efi mounter to the installer or will it affect it?
  11. Actually i did copy it over, it just didn't refresh in disk utility so i had to restart it? I partitioned it because it was in the guide and was following the steps in order. I can start over if i did something wrong.
  12. I feel like i have done something wrong, but i haven't. Why? Because i have used only 1.2GB on the Install Sierra partition, when i copied over a 4GB folder (packages), so there should be more used space. Is this normal?
  13. I can use my colleagues one. Shall I format it with default settings or?
  14. Ok. I was gonna say, in disk utility, the option to partition is greyed out. Edit:
  15. Should I follow this guide for the full installer: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-clover-guide/ Also, Is my system compatible with macOS Sierra since the Mac app store doesn't have El Capitan.
  16. I dont think so. Could the problem be my usb installer?
  17. It said something about "If you are having trouble entering a password, hold power button and boot in recovery os" along the lines of that. And it doesnt hang or reboot, but the error keeps on going.
  18. Yeah i get two, i used both because you didn't specify. Results: macOS recovery: HD recovery:
  19. I get the same error as post #19 image 2. The it hangs
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