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E6410 - Hidden Boot Manager - Potential UEFI solution


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I have mentioned this find around, and i guess most of the people could not get in and that might've made a few people skeptic in my words, and being dyslectic, i dont blame them, sometimes i dont even understand myself.


Anyhow, i felt that i need to share this since it could get us UEFI boot, which might not be a game changer but at least it is better and more future proof in case 10.11 comes out with (maybe) full of changes, who knows.


How to get in:


Basically, what i did initially, i had a problem with the boot timer i twiddled in Clover, so i had to press things fast before it booted, which ended up annoying me a lot (KPs). While doing that, two or three times i accidentally entered a Boot Page which had a bit more information output compared to the GUI BIOS, but only booting related.


I noticed it kept on happening every time i wanted to get rid of the clover timing by just moving around the Clover page. The weird thing is, whatever Arrow you press in your keyboard, it will get you in that window, sometimes even Space works, though the most strange thing is the timeframe you have to press the buttons to get inside.


I kept on restarting a lot with CTRL + ALT + DEL to search for the proper combo keys, but it was not a key you have to press before POST, it seems only accessible after the POST.

The moment the Dell Logo disappears and the booting process starts, thats when you can get in. WHY???


What's the point?


While on GUI BIOS, there is nothing i havent tried to get Clover to boot, i never made it, there are no hints at all as what you are doing, all you can do in the UEFI part of the GUI BIOS is add entries with very few information printed.

However, on this hidden boot page, trying to find an EFI file i.e, shows you all the possible location, browsable (implementing GUI and forgetting that part?? stupid).


Now to be clear, i dont understand nothing of this, but i really hope someone does.


Nearly all bootloaders we need to boot OS X, they show some information before getting to bootloader gui, stuff like b1f: or boot0: , my point is, since it is already booting into a target, how come we can interrupt it? I think some people cannot get into that menu due to not having that bootloader delay...


And for the end, here's the proof


Really looking forward for the devs and geeks reaction.

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