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PC turning off during the boot


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I used this article to install:http://www.osxlatitude.com/how-to-install-mac-os-x-snow-leopard-on-your-amd-system/ , I installed the chameleon and when i try to boot it stucks at the apple logo. i try to move the mouse and it shows the loading circle and then it just shuts down. I installed Snow Leopard 10.6. with modcd obviously

-v does the same and -x just gets stuck forever and ever. can only enter osx with the modcd from nawcom


My configuration is:
CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0 Ghz
RAM: 6GB DDR3 Transcent 1333 MHz, 1x2GB + 1x4GB
GPU: VTX3D Radeon HD4670 1GB
HDD 1: WD Green 160GB - PATA
HDD 2: WD 80 GB - SATA
PSU: Xilence 420W, 120mm

At the moment, only the 80 gig sata drive is connected and I used the mbr format, journaled ofc, as it said in the tutorial. Now, I am in doubts that my video card wont work and i found somewhere that the hd4670 isnt supported till 10.6.2 so I downloaded it but i wont install it yet. i will have to find a way to install it with kexts for it.


So, what should I do before installing the update 10.6.2? I would love to update to as high as possible, probably even mavericks. 


Thank you for your help

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ModCD uses Nawcom's legacy/AMD kernel by default. You need to copy that over to your HDD's SL installation, knowing that Nawcom made a legacy/AMD version for each specific Snow Leopard update. At present, all you have on your SL partition may be the standard/vanilla kernel which does not support any AMD CPU.


Backup your vanilla kernel (found at HDD's root as mach_kernel) as /vanilla_kernel before you copy the legacy/AMD kernel as /mach_kernel to your HDD. Then reboot with -f flag to ignore cache and once at the SL desktop, open up a Terminal window to rebuild cache with command sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions. Wait a few minutes for the cache to rebuild. You should then be able to boot safely with full kext/kernel cache from there on.


Update directly to 10.6.8 using Apple's combo update and remember to copy Nawcom's 10.6.8 legacy/AMD kernel before you reboot. You'll find all Nawcom's kernels with your friend Google. There are copies on this forum + links to Nawcom's repository too. Use the Search tool.

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It's been a while since my last ModCD installation so I can't remember if it replaces the vanilla kernel at the end of the installation or not but I believe it does not.


Boot the ModCD, then choose your Snow Leopard HDD partition to try and boot your SL installation. That would normally boot SL with the legacy/AMD kernel. If you reach desktop (or 1st boot finalisation process), that will confirm that you need to copy the legacy/AMD kernel to your SL partition.


I also suggest you use the verbose mode (-v Chameleon flag) so that you can tell us what error message might be displayed or where startup may hang.

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Im on the pc and i freshly installed the mac os. 10.6. as I said earlier. Now I am going to try the thing you suggested but I would love to inform you that when i boot it up with mod cd it is unusable until i get it out. i get to the desktop and i cant click on anything, then i eject the dvd from the tray and i wait for a minute and then i can use it. so there is that. ill post when i try that thing. should i install chameleon right away or after the update to 10.6.8

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