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higher resolution on mavericks.. e6410


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anybody managed to get a higher resolution for the e6410.


cant stand the 1440 x 900 standard.


i use logic x and i cant hardly get anything on the screen.


looking to get the dell dock to get dual screen,


does anyone know if i can change resolution on that?



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Erm... no driver can make an LCD display a resolution higher than the pixels it actually possesses. Mind you, I once used on a D830 a tool in ML (the name of which eludes me now) that could run the display in a sort of interlaced mode at higher res than the LCD specs, but it was really crap.


With an external display, provided the VGA or DVI output is supported on your E6410, you can do what you want within the specifications limits of the external screen or the VGA output.

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