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D830 nVidia - is Yosemite even worth the effort?


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I'm not an expert at this. I have ML running fine as of now (thanks to all of you). It's a little laggy but I can tolerate it. But, I haven't seen a lot of solid info on running Yos on the 830. A lot of hit or miss and issues. Is it even worth the effort or should I just deal with ML? Or maybe I just missed the golden thread that explains it all. Again... not an expert.


Quadro 140

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Thanks, Herve.


I kinda gotta try Yosemite. I'm a PC tech but I don't use, or repair, Apple products (except my iphone 5). I moved to Atlanta recently and just about all jobs here require current Mac experience. Since I can't afford a mac, or a new PC I gotta make do with my 830 if it was even stable enough to use.


I was using this tut:


I'm having limited success. It randomly locks up at all different times with no rhyme or reason. Now it's getting to the actual install before it just stops.


I'll give that link you sent a shot and see what I come up with.


Thanks again. Hopefully it'll work since it would be nice to use the features with my phone

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