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D830: Difference in Speedstep Mavericks to Yosemite


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I have a D830 with two installations

First Mavericks with Chameleon bootloader

Second Yosemite with Clover bootloader


I recognize a difference with speedstep.

With Mavericks and Chameleon CPU temperatures are at 40 degree and the multiplier are at 3 normally. See picture.

With Yosemite and Clover the temperatures are at 70 degree and  the multiplier are minimum at 6.


Where is the difference? Where can I adjust speedster? Any idea is welcome.


Thanks and best regards



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You can't manually adjust SpeedStep, it's automatic and under the control of AICPUPM kext in conjunction with recent/latest Kozlek's FakeSMC kext + SMBIOS profile (once suitably tuned/configured), P + C States generation being activated in the bootloader.


I would make sure that your Clover-based installation:

. uses same FakeSMC kext (version + key tuning) as the Mavericks installation. Kozlek's latest versions can be used.

. uses MacBookPro5,1 profile (set in Clover config).

. uses P States + C States generation and nothing else (set in Clover config).


Clover normally automatically selects MBP5,1 SMBIOS profile for those nVidia-based D630/D830 models, but if you notice that SpeedStep is not as efficient under Clover, resulting in higher T°, why don't you switch to Chameleon ? It totally supports Yosemite with recent versions such as v2.2 r2395 or r2401 for instance (I use r2401). Later Chameleon releases fully support Yosemite too but I have experienced issues booting Mavericks with v2.3 r2510  on a multi-OS X installation disk.

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Thank you for your reply.


I did a fresh installation with Yosemite and chameleon as a boot loader.

Funny thing, temperatures are ok. Not as good as with the Mavericks installation.

I use a newer FakeSMC version now, as HWMonitor did not work with the old version.


But better than Yosemite and Clover. Confusing for me, what happened there.

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