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Inspiron 3542 has a problem with adjusting brightness


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I have problem with adjusting the brightness. Here is the thing, I can use Fn+F11 and Fn + F12. well, the pop up looks the same as Mac. but when I press Fn+F11 the light goes DOWN completely just ONCE I press it and It is the same as when I press Fn+F12 the light turns completely bright!! I CAN't adjust bit by bit. Tell me please how i can fix this.




My laptop

System Manufacturer : Dell Inspiron 3542 / Bootloader : Clover (I also use Vietnam tool to install driver)

CPU: Core i3 4005U
Codename: Hashwell ULT

Motherboard: Dell Inc
Model: 0kHNVP

Graphics: GT2 Generic PnP Monitor (1366x768@60Hz)
Intel HD Graphics Family (Dell)(*I think it is intel 4400)

Monitor: Name Generic PnP Monitor on Intel HD Graphics Family OpenCL / DirectCompute 5.0
Current Resolution 1366x768 pixels
Work Resolution 1366x738 pixels

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