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  1. I went back to 10.12.6. It's a complete 10.12.6 usb installer. I'll let you know what happens.
  2. comment > 10.11+-Rename-HECI2IMEI Find: <4d45495f> Replace: <494d4549> Is that correct? Thank you very much
  3. I changed to 10.13.1. ig platform 59120000 fake id 59128086 it always boots 60 % and appears nothing on screen. what I missed. please help me again. by the way, what is HECI/ device_id:0xba2a ? I found on the tonycrap website. extract.zip EFI.zip Mac IOreg.zip
  4. I will reinstall 10.12.6 again. From what I found I installed 10.12.5 and upgrade to 10.12.6. Even I changed ig-platform-id 0x59120000, fakeID IntelGFX = 0x59128086. It gave the same result. I only booted it by using 0x19320001 or 0x19120000 with FakeCPUID = 0x0506E3 (as you saw in my config.) Last night I did again. I used ig-platform-id 0x59120000, fakeID IntelGFX = 0x59128086 but it booted kernel panic. When I checked in System report> graphics /display. it said "kext not loaded".
  5. IOreg Config and kext I also have already installed IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup, intelfixup and lily.kext in the L/E. EFI.zip Archive.zip
  6. I might need sierra. but lets try again. I lll post kext IOreg and configplist, so you will be able to find out which way.
  7. here are what I did. Update OS to 10.12.6 FakeID> IntelGFX 0x19168086 . (TRIED 0x59128086 it didn't work. it caused kernel panic) ig-platform-id BLANK FAKECPUID BLANK FakePCIID+ FakePCIID Intelgraphics Move from S/L/E to L/E intelfixup + lilu L/E DELETED from L/E Kext rebuilt . Result was the same. FakeID> IntelGFX BLANK ig-platform-id 0x59120000 FAKECPUID BLANK the Result , it booted to kernel panic. It 's still the same. what should i do next? please
  8. Hi everyone After I have tried hard digging info from the web's thread, I am done!and I really need your help. I bought a HP Slimline which comes with Core i3-7100 CPU. it has an Intel HD630. It's a small PC. My problem is I cannot enable QECI on the PC. I tried: FakeID> IntelGFX 0x19168086 ig-platform-id 0x19160000 FAKECPUID 0506e3 FakePCIID+ FakePCIID Intelgraphics S/L/E intelfixup + lilu L/E Still have no luck. then I tried FakeID> IntelGFX 0x59128086 ig-platform-id 0x59120000 FAKECPUID 0506e3 it was the same
  9. hi guys this is my very confusing problem after i have done Dell 3459 working flawlessly. I am on dell 3558 corei3 intelhd 5500 Bios version A12 (just updated). i cannot get my intelhd5500 working. please help i already put ig platform 0x16260006. Bebe’s iMac.zip CLOVER.zip
  10. i forgot to tell you my graphics are IntelHD520 and AMD Radeon R5 M315. ok I got all ssdts and dsdt. SSDT1-6 and SSDT7x-13X and SSDT 14-15.also SXDT Which ones should I disassembly ? ofcourse DSDT
  11. I did but it doesn't dump any files after i press F4 on clover boot screen. dump before now doesnt. so use patchmatic to extract files
  12. Hi guys I am here for your help. I have succeeded in installing hackintosh for Dell 3542 and Desktop HP, but I never ever experienced this issue before. After I have installed Sierra on Dell 3459 (14 inch display with IntelHD520 and core i5 processor) and put dsdt in Clover Pacthes which I extracted from F4, It cannot boot anymore. The DSDT was edited and removed all errors and also was patched. Please tell me what happened? What patches do I need? here are my EFI files down below. Archive.zip Pea’s MacBook Pro.ioreg.zip
  13. I figured it out some gestures which are 3 fingers swipe UP and DOWN, four fingers UP and DOWN and two fingers move from the right (for notifications). I am on Synaptics.
  14. I am on Yosemite 10.10.5 which runs on Dell inspiron with 4400 intelHD and Corei3. I use AppleintelHD5000 it works smoothly, but when i enlarge photos with Preview app it freezes!!. I was told to install FakePCiid 4400 4600.kext but it made worse. The graphics went crazy ,so I continue using AppleintelHD5000. Please help me fix Preview.app.
  15. Hello guys, Using Hackintosh is such a hard work to figure out! but I love it. After I installed a mini half wifi it's worked fine, except BT 4.0. Today's issue is I don't know how make Broadcom BCM94352HMB BT 4.0 run as it should be. Please help
  16. The problem is I cannot access EFI from Windows 8.1. How can I delete it! additionally, I used Clover boot EFI from USB to help me access OSX MAvericks but it didn't work. it still stuck at Apple Logo and spinning wheel comes up. Is there any way out? If you have kexts in /EFI/Clover/Kexts/Other, make sure to delete all the other folders. if you are talking about USB. The folders in the KEXTs I deleted all of them except Other.
  17. How? use the usb installer and boot into OSX?
  18. Hi guys, I have updated my Clover Bootloader from 3202 to a newer version 3215. It stucks at infinity loop with apple Logo and spinning wheel but I can still access my Windows 8.1. The problem is only just osx Mavericks. Please help! 1. Do you think I have to reinstall OS again? 2. If you have any ideas please don't hesitate to tell me.
  19. Sir, I am using two OS Windows 8 and OSx 10.9.3. Do think I can run ME firmware? I am afraid that after it reboots the error will occur on my laptop. I used to update Dell bios firmware update once and it needed reboot (of, course) but it didn't complete the process according to Clover. what I needed to do, I had to replace HDD installing Windows 7 and run the firmware again and then put back the previous HDD back into the laptop. it was fine. Do you think the ME firmware you posted will work firmly? Do you think this will help improving the shutting down issue?
  20. I think I ve done this before. however please have a look on the script appeared on my Terminal. Last login: Sat May 16 14:52:59 on console mavs-air:~ mav$ sudo pmset hibernatemode 0 Password: Warning: Idle sleep timings for "Battery Power" may not behave as expected. - Display sleep should have a lower timeout than system sleep. - Disk sleep should be non-zero whenever system sleep is non-zero. mavs-air:~ mav$ Do you think it is working?
  21. No, it doesn't but when i tried to turn on the volume from TV, there was no sound. my shutting down doesn't work fine it still the same as usual( my laptop cannot be shut dwon completely after 3 hours.) it 's now still the same as HDMI. thank you again Crew.
  22. Hello, Sir I tested your SSDT-1 attached on your post and the result was still the same. After I d connected mee laptop to Sony TV via HDMI, I couldn't volume up the sound of the digital out HDMI speaker in the SyStem Preference>output (sound). But anyway something good happened, my laptop couldn't shutdown completely after using more than 3 hours. Now it shuts down firmly. it could be your SSDT or DSDT or Config I don't know LOL now it works fine, except HDMI thing. Thank you very much, sir.
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