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Install Clover EFI over Grub2 & Windows Manager


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Hello, i have successfully installed Windows 8.1 + Linux CentOS 7 + OS X Yosemite on a single HDD of my laptop, but now i'm facing a problem... after i installed OS X i installed clover to the HDD partition where OS X was installed i didn't get the boot loader when rebooting, i still get centOS GRUB2 menu, i can only boot in OS X when using the usb.

How do i set Clover over Grub2 ?, do i have to delete grub2 boot loader?
Other problem i'm facing is that Clover doesn't recognise CentOS in the boot menu... how do i add it?

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To get the Clover Bootloader, did you try:
BIOS settings -> Boot order

where Clover is higher in the hierarchy than grub & Windows Boot Manager?


To get Clover to recognize CentOS in the Boot Menu, try

1) Boot into OS X

2) mount EFI from disk0s1

3) there should be a Boot and Clover folder (and perhaps a Microsoft folder - my Microsoft folder contains Boot and Recovery folders)

4) Create a CentOS folder

5) Copy CentOS /boot into the newly created folder.


I'm not sure it will work, but if I remember correctly, I had to move the Microsoft folder into the OS X EFI to get it listed in the Clover boot options.

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