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E7250 and El Capitan


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Or option number 4, which I personally prefer:


Launch Utilities->Terminal application (unless You have Terminal app in the dock, as I do :-)) and type: diskutil mount EFI.

Then the EFI disk icon should appear on the desktop and in Finder.

yeah but that launches the efi of the disk right?


not your usb?

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Yes, You're right, sorry - didn't read the question correctly :-(


You could run:

   diskutil list


remember the identifier corresponding to EFI partition on USB disk (probably disk1s1, if only one HDD/SSD is installed) and then in the next command:

   diskutil mount <identifier>



I'm a linux geek, that's why I prefer terminal commands and solutions ;-)

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oh right, cool.


can either of you humour me and let me see the latest config.plist (and DSDT) that you ended up with in a new download so that i can compare with my own now that you've cast your expert eye over it Jake?




Ok so I finally got around to posting this; sorry it took so long! 



hmm.. are you sure? He says that FakeSMC is in his 10.11 folder here -> https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7844-e7250/page-11&do=findComment&comment=54030


@dstrukt, i notice you've got the i5 CPU, same as me (is yours touchscreen?). I also had this error, but can't recall off hand how i fixed it... i do remember have to step through the config.plist line by line to see what the offending line was though


I post about it here -> https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7844-e7250/page-8&do=findComment&comment=52008


This is probably down to Jake having an i7 machine and thinking about it a bit more i might have stopped using a DSDT completely because I've not been doing this long enough to dump and patch my own DSDT... Of course, this could be a complete red herring though, looks like this is something i need to double-check ;)


Yeah I did miss the FakeSMC, but Jake totally helped me out so I'm very grateful for that. I have an i5-5300u and the lame ass 1366 x 768 display.


Thanks for the advice of using a Windows computer; I uploaded the efi/clover/config.plist (I hope that's the right one)



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Nice, the main thing i'm interested in is the i5-5300u so this should work fine, ive got the touch screen and feel so-so about it tbh ;)

gf is away this weekend, so now i can get my geek on!
what was the final list of *.kexts that you used? - i really want to stop using Vietnam Tool, and i feel it's a bit erm... "blackbox"

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install going a treat.. just verifying that the DSDT works etc...

i STILL do not have keyboard / touchpad on boot for the installation, and it really annoys me that i have to plug in an external kb and mouse. i put the ApplePS2Controller.kext in the "Other" folder, as i do with all the others.... the only thing that i can think is that it needs to be in the 10.11 folder... grr

Or maybe i've got an old version?? The ALPS one seems to work ok...

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Hi Everyone, 


I'd like to try to install El Capitan into my new E7250 - i5 - FullHD - bios A07 


I'm at the beginning of the process, I would like to create a working USB installation stick.

With the one I've done, it was starting to load the MacOS installation, but I had a crash when loading, about framebuffer stuff (it was rebooting so quickly that it was difficult to read everything).


So from what I understood in the different pages of this post, I needed the DVMT "patch" to have the correct memory amount. So I did that. But Now I have a kernel panic just after clover boot.

Maybe the files in my USB stick are not fine.

Can you please share your kext, dsdt, config, ... that i 'll add into my usb install drive to run the El Capitan installation ?


Ty for your help.




Edit : So finally after switching on my brain (and a lot a different tests), I realised that I had no FakeSMC.kext in my USB drive. 

So now I installed successfully El Capitan, will now play with the different components to see if everything is working

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