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Yosemite 10.10.3 update is out


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Straight update on Chameleon-based installations, no particular issue, at least on the D630 nVidia.



As usual, SSD Trim has to be reactivated through IOAHCIBlockStorage kext binary patching (replacement of string "APPLE SSD" by a string of "00"). Of course, AGPM kext also needs repatching to regain throttle of the NVS 135M GPU, following details described in dedicated thread.




On the E6440 with Intel HD4600 graphics, things require a little more work due to the need to patch the Intel graphics-related kexts + OpenCL framework library. But it's the same as with previous Yosemite versions so no surprise there.



On my Bronya's AMD kernel-based Precision 670, I had to replace the pthread kext by a rewritten version to avoid CPU-related KPs at boot time.

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