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Dell Latitude E6400 sleep issues

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I did replace my extras folder with that one. It didn't fix the sleep issue though. It did on the other hand change the line we were talking about earlier. Now it just reads "(sleep prevented by Google Chrome, Google Chrome)". Which is interesting.

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Mostly, I removed files that were not required:


In /E, I've removed:

. Extensions.mkext


In /E/E, I've removed:

. AppleACPIPlatform v1.3.5 (from SL10.6.7) -> you can run on Mavericks' vanilla version

. DisableTurboBoostBattery -> applies  to Intel Core "i" CPUs  only

. AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer -> presumably the old fix for GMA950 brightness issue

. OSXRestart -> never ever needed that old kext on any of my Dell systems


I also replaced your FakeSMC v5.1.59 containing references to SMC keys 1.48f2 and smc-napa by FakeSMC v5.2.678 containing keys 1.33f8 and smc-mcp i.e. matching your selected SMBIOS MacBookPro5,1.


In your Chameleon boot plist:

. I unselected the kernel + DroopSSDT boxes

. I selected SystemType -> laptop box


I noticed you have an EFI string in the boot plist. What does it do? A DSDT patch would probably be better.

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That string was added as part of attempting to get iMessage working, I believe. I'm pretty sure it was there to get the branding and slot of the ethernet cards correct. 


edit: Just found the guide that resulted in that string. It fixed iCloud and the App store for me.

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Also I just did the security update that was driving me nuts. This is the pmset -g I got afterwards:


Active Profiles:

Battery Power -1

AC Power -1*

Currently in use:

 hibernatemode        0

 halfdim              1

 lidwake              1

 sleep                0 (sleep prevented by Google Chrome, Google Chrome, UserEventAgent, UserEventAgent, apsd, apsd, mds_stores, mds)

 ttyskeepawake        1

 disksleep            10

 hibernatefile        /var/vm/sleepimage

 displaysleep         10

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Did that, should I try sleeping it again and let you know if that works? I did have a sleepimage file in /var/vm and its now deleted.

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