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Dell Latitude E6400 sleep issues


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So I have my hack laptop here,(dell latitude E6400) and its running great! My only problem is that I can't get it to go to sleep. I'm not entirely sure why. My system has the t9550 penryn proc, the Nvidia Quadro NVS 160M, and 4 gigs of DDR 2 ram. I installed an apple branded PCI extreme airport card, but left the broadcom BGM94312 in its stubby slot. I set pstates and cstates, I'm not sure if the Broadcom would prevent the sleep or not, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if it has been the case with anyone else. I've not tried sleep enabler but that might be my next point of order. Basically if I tell the machine to sleep (either by closing the lid or going to the apple menu), it will go to a black screen and then just sit there, never getting to sleep, and never waking back up. Anyone got any suggestions?

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so I did that and this was the output:


********-mbp:~ ********$ pmset -g

Active Profiles:

Battery Power -1

AC Power -1*

Currently in use:

 hibernatemode        0

 halfdim              1

 lidwake              1

 sleep                0 (sleep prevented by iTunes, Google Chrome, Google Chrome, coreaudiod)

 ttyskeepawake        1

 disksleep            10

 hibernatefile        /var/vm/sleepimage

 displaysleep         10

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Can you post a zipped copy of your /Extra folder? You should not need SleepEnabler and you can leave your Broadcom card in place; that's not the issue. It could be something to do with a kext leftover like NullCPUPowerManagement.

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