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Replacement card for DW1395?


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I have used Dell DW 1395 which is Broadcom 4312 sofar without issues.

In Lion I can not get this card to work. I tried to rebrand the card to airport, but the line to insert the new vendor and product IDs returns the rawset value parsing error.

My card is in the list but I have revision 00 and the guide is rev 01. can that be the issue?


Subsystem vendor ID is 0x1028

subsystem product ID is 0x000B


Please help

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Hi All,


I'm thinking of replace my dell DW1395 to better wifi card that can support 802.11n,

any recommendation of make/model ? Pros/cons or native support by OSX ?


I have learned that the best choice for native support is to get:

Dell Wireless 1510

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