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  1. If you can see LCD light blink then it went black when you press power on button, most likely your LCD inverter is faulty.
  2. Hi i have the same problem too...hence i move back to SL
  3. Hi Do you have a broadcom wifi inside, if yes, do rebranding with the steps on wiki and latest EDP it should working fine.
  4. For D620 the max CPU to increase for replacement is T7600, which i had done it recently. Talking on heat issue, T7600 runs cooler then T5500 (old CPU)... my current T7600 normal temp 30-35 degC whereas T5500 normally stay at 40-49degC, all these info was get from the iStat Menu. Hey anyone can share if i can replace D620 with D630 heatsink? 'cause D630 comes with Northbridge and Southbridge too... i'm thinking making the laptop ever cooler.
  5. I will take note of that ribbon.... anyone can share what Xwga+ ribbon part number for D620 ? and also for the replacement of the screen do i need to pair with the new LCD inverter or existing will work ?
  6. Yes, i have tried the Trim Enabler 1.2 and 2.0Beta too. 100% sure the both SSD (Plextor PX-128M2P and ADATA S510) support TRIM. The below is the diskutil info /dev/disk0 on my SSD, there should be one more row mention " Solid Sate: Yes / NO " and it's missing from my Lion, hence maybe some drivers are missing or it can't detect my SSD due to compatible issue shiki-win7pc:~ shiki$ diskutil info /dev/disk0 Device Identifier: disk0 Device Node: /dev/disk0 Part of Whole: disk0 Device / Media Name: ADATA SSD S510 120GB Volume Name: Not applicable (no file system) Mounted: Not applicable (no file system) File System: None Content (IOContent): GUID_partition_scheme OS Can Be Installed: No Media Type: Generic Protocol: SATA SMART Status: Verified Total Size: 120.0 GB (120034123776 Bytes) (exactly 234441648 512-Byte-Blocks) Volume Free Space: Not applicable (no file system) Device Block Size: 512 Bytes Read-Only Media: No Read-Only Volume: Not applicable (no file system) Ejectable: No Whole: Yes Internal: Yes OS 9 Drivers: No Low Level Format: Not supported
  7. Hi Leon, Sorry for the miscom. Yes, i can see both SSD in bios and able to boot and install Lion over it. Just that the TRIM option isn't show in Hardware info - SATA. See attach pix
  8. Hi Leon, i just get hold of another SSD (Plextor PX-128M2P) installed lion on this D620 (EDP2.2) but still having same results. I guess the OS can't detect the SSD. :/ I wonder is there anything i went wrong on lion installation ? Any D620 Lion on SSD user out there ??
  9. Hi Leon, I went to dual boot Win7 and installed the HD Tune pro trial, the info indicated this SSD do TRIM support. Thinking back , i was wondering is it my D620 - AHCI unable to support the TRIM ?
  10. I tried the Trim enabler 2.0 too, but no avail. The spec of my SSD ADATA S510 showed that it do support trim. http://www.adata.com...eet-S510-EN.pdf I think i need to run other apps to dig detail spec of this ssd :/
  11. Hi Guy, I'm wondering if many users tried out SSD on lion? I read up topics in internet that lion do support TRIM but, only on APPLE SSD. Hence i tried patching the Kext to remove the string "APPLE SSD" to Zero. But it doesn't seems to work for my SSD (ADATA S510), maybe this model is too old. /System/Library/Extensions/IOAHCIFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext/Contents/MacOS/IOAHCIBlockStorage Anyone can share your experience? TY
  12. Hi OSXL Crew Thank you for hard work ! I tested the new EDP1.9.2 on both D430 & D620, it actually make the boot up faster too
  13. Hi All, Currently i have got a D620 installed with SL10.6.8. I have a intention to upgrade the LCD panel to higher resolution from 1280x800 to 1440x900. Does it support in SL? Current Graphics: Intel GMA, WXGA (1280x800)
  14. Hi All, I'm thinking of replace my dell DW1395 to better wifi card that can support 802.11n, any recommendation of make/model ? Pros/cons or native support by OSX ?
  15. Hi i'm not sure have you tried flash the bios from the wiki, as it have the latest DSDT. http://www.osxlatitu...-and-edps-dsdt/
  16. Welcome... I do prefer SL too, Lion really lag the machine. :/
  17. Ok.. mine D430 is currently running on 2GB ram, and SL is running on single GUID partition too. Then.....i think i need to try your given threads to see if it works...
  18. Hi All , I had finally upgraded my D430 to SL 10.6.8, working fine with sleep, with the use of EDP1.9 and chameleon RC5 1213. Now i am try to install Lion, but cant with the error message " This version of Mac OS X 10.7 cannot be installed on this computer" Please advise if anything else i missed before i can install Lion.
  19. Hi ALL Current Hardware Overview: D430 Core2 with 2GB ram HDD: TOSHIBA MK6008GAH I'm still thinking of whether i should upgrade my current hdd to a SSD instead. I really find this existing hdd booting up slow. Anyone can show me a video of booting up speed if you have modded a SSD into D430 ? Any recommendation of good brand/model that is not too expensive that can fit into D430?
  20. oops The latest edp works and solved my problem thanks
  21. Hi Hi ?? Anyone had similar problem ?
  22. Hi ALL Recently i realize that my USB bluetooth dun work (Bluetooth not available) after wake from sleep. Anyone have the same problem or solution to it? My hardware D430. Best regards, Shiki
  23. Thank you for the new release EDP1.5rc5, i got my d430 back to live on 10.6.6
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