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Cannot boot from Clover USB on Dell 6220

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Hello again,

As recommended I gave up on getting the GUID key to work and switched to Hervé's MBR method here:



Upon first boot I got a mach_kernel not found.  I renamed kernel and copied it to the root to get around this.

Next boot using the -v -x switches  (and each boot since) after 15 pages of logging it says "Starting Darwin" and then reboots the system.


Am I getting closer?  Thanks!

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MBR method in my guide??? I think you're mistaken...


When I mention "MBR", that was in relation to the way you installed Clover in your USB installer: there are options in the Clover installer to install the boot loader and, from memory, one of them is to install Clover in the MBR. That's what I was referring to.



If you've now gone for Chameleon, make sure to use a version like r2401 or r2468 for instance, I can vouch for those. Those versions will look for the kernel in /System/Library/Kernels under the name of "kernel".


Previous OS X version ran their kernel from partition root under the name of "mach_kernel", then it changed with Yosemite.


You need to follow the guide closely, then you really can't go wrong.

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