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How to make Yosemite Recovery HD function with Chameleon boot loader?


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Yosemite 10.10 and updated to 10.10.5 running great on E6220 i5-2540M 2.6GHz, Intel HD Graphics 3000. Followed Jake Lo’s guide found here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7478-dell-latitude-e6xxxe7xxx-yosemite-install-guide/ 

Things I did differently from Jake’s guide: 
SSDT creation after installing Yosemite, using the Rampage Dev method found here: http://www.rampagedev.com/?page_id=197&page=3 
Getting kernel/kextcache to work (sudo kextcache -Boot -U / did NOT work for me). I found it necessary to put all kexts from /Extra and Extra/SLE directly into /System/Library/Extensions following this guide here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/300346-chameleon-success-loading-kextcache/and posts.
*Note it’s no longer necessary to change the compression. 
*Note I had to reinstall Chameleon to my Yosemite partition using the USB stick to boot Yosemite, after the Windows 7 install just a blinking cursor. 
Okay so what’s my problem? I would like to make the Recovery HD work/boot up and function.
What I’ve done. I’ve tried to make it work for Chameleon. I did NOT delete the Recovery partition, but rather patched the existing one. I put the chameleon boot file and Extra Directory in RecoveryHD/OS X Base System/ which includes smbios, DSDT, SSDT, Extensions directory and SSL directory. When selecting Recovery HD Chameleon stops with can’t find kernel in /System/Library/Kernels. I have put the kernel in System/Library/Kernels of the BaseSystem.dmg before creating the new (patched) disk image to replace the original BaseSystem.dmg. Perhaps I don’t know how to tell org.chameleon.Boot.plist the path to the kernel within the .dmg? I also tried putting the kernel in the Extra Directory, and with:
<string>/Extra/kernel</string> but same error on boot.
*Note the Chameleon menu says the Recovery HD is RAID, but running the cs revert command say no logical volumes found. 
So... is it possible boot the Recovery HD with Chameleon? :shock:  Suggestions much appreciated.
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